January 17, 2011


Amy Tangerine does a thing on her blog that I always love reading...its a currents list. I like that it is a little slice of life. Since I am always surprised how F.A.S.T life moves, I think it will be fun to start.


listening: John watch Battlestar Galletica. Netflix happiness!
eating: just had a coffee from the Keurig. Love that thing!
drinking: nada
reading: Nigella Kitchen (Yes, I read cookbooks!)
wearing: grey & black stripped socks, jeans, black cashmere JJill sweater, ruffle pick shirt from Target.
feeling: bummed that is is 7PM and I have to go back to work and school tomorrow.
weather: chilly & rainy
wanting: to figure out how to make the title font on my blog different.
needing: to get gas in my car.
thinking: what is wrong with my darn dog…why is she so whiny?
enjoying: Kashi Warm Cinnamon Cereal.
wondering: if I should sign up for weight watchers, I have 37 lbs to lose.

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