January 19, 2011

Quinoa...Keenwa the new seed

Tonight I had the BEST salad...although it is somewhat of a mirage because I can find no record of it on the Earthbound farms website. BTW...go here and get a coupon for $1 dollar off a salad.  Thank you Earthbound farms! Anyway, I found this kit at Wholefoods and was honestly drawn to the balsamic vinegar dressing.  You can't beat the taste of balsamic for the minimal calories.  The salad was Spinach + Quinoa (pronounced Keenwa) with sunflower seeds, dried cranberries, olive oil, sea salt and balsamic.  The protein (14-18%) in this salad made it a meal all on it's own (picture inserted here if I could find it!) I have read a lot about quinoa over the last few month, but have been scared to try it.  I must say it will be giving couscous a break as I work it into mealtime.  It had a slight lemon flavor that made it refreshing and had a satisfying crunch.  Yum.  I looked up info and wasn't surprised to find that it is closely related to my 2 favorite foods...beets, spinach and also the ever tasty tumbleweed!?! LOL!  I have never had a tumbleweed, but have to think this is an error in the wiki entry. Tumbleweed or not, I am so excited the I broke the quinoa seal and I have yet one more way to bring in the protein.  Protein for me = full belly.

This recipe looks good.
image found here:   
I keep going back and forth about signing up for weight watchers.  I pack my lunch every.single.day. So I am not afraid of the extra work, but it's the points and measuring.  I have a nut allergy so I can never just follow a diet plan, and that always adds an extra heap of irritation. I am going to make a decision by February 1st.  Right now I miss the early 20's when I could just stop drinking beer for a few weeks and see a drastic difference.  The 30's are not as kind.

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