February 13, 2011

An early Valentines Day

::image here::
Hello friends! I hope everyone had a great weekend. Why are they so darn short?!? Thanks for visiting my Friday Fancies.  I actually think I am going to get that dress.  I can't stop thinking about it.

This weekend has flown by probably because I've had SO MUCH HOMEWORK.  I once heard that design students have as much homework as med students.  I was up both Friday + Saturday night until 2AM finishing assignments, so I pretty much agree.  It doesn't leave much brain energy for the rest of the weekend.  I am sure other working students understand!

So it was nice to take a break tonight, get dressed up (boots + a dress) and go to a nice dinner with my husband.  He planned our Valentines dinner tonight so that we could enjoy it and not stress about getting home tomorrow night.  That was an excellent gift in itself.  Remember this necklace? It was my other valentines gift! A nice perk of having a blog that your husband reads :) We went to our favorite local restaurant ::17North:: where the menu is seasonal and always changing.  In fact most of the food the restaurant serves is grown in an on site garden.  The food is out.of.this world.  John had lamb and I had Beef Bourgeoisie (a la Julia Childs) and a nice bottle of Red. Perfect way to end the weekend.

I also made some Valentines treats (see above) that I will be delivering to my family tomorrow. I found these adorable vintage valentines online and printed them on canvas paper.  They turned out so adorable. I was bummed that I didn't hand make the cards (and that makes me so sad,) but I wanted to get something together.  I really can't wait until I have sometime to just be myself.  It is one constant deadline.  And yes, I know that when I have children time will not be my own either (added incase my Mom is reading!) Anyhoo...I WILL be back tomorrow with a tutorial.  I wasn't able to finish taking the pictures.

PS. The photos above are all from my iPhone. I love, love, love instagram. What a great app! Have a great Monday.


  1. Lovely treat! Happy Valentines to you both! :)
    I'm sure at some point, we will grow our brain matter back that we loose each day and weekend. Cheers to a future of sleeping in and getting our weekends back at some point.
    (Go Brain Power)

  2. hey there! thanks for your lovely comment;)

    i am soo glad that you enjoyed the tutorial and that it worked out for you!