February 1, 2011

Fresh Feburary Goals

Hello friends.
This has been quite a day as I have been sacked by this dumb fever.  Has anyone else has this thing? It honestly feels like mono.  Anyhoo...I am just grateful that the temperature isn't too freezing outside as I am covered by multiple blankets inside.

home happiness

Lucky for me...my very sweet hubs brought me some tomato zucchini soup from Whole foods and some crunchy bread.  Soul soothing.

February is always one of my favorite months. All the love, the excitement from the Superbowl, and its the shortest which means if you create a monthly goal you have a great chance of sticking to it!


My February Goals
  1.  Walk at least 20 miles.
  2. Plan a date night for John and I (use group-on at bottles and brushes.)
  3. Plan my Mom's Birthday party.
  4. Cut OUT un-nesscerary sugar (goodbye peppermint patties.)
  5. Make 5 scrapbook pages using Studio Calico kits (December or January)
  6. Get my ETSY shop off of vacation mode.  
  7. Finish sanding and painting the old school desk and chair.  Front hall make-over coming soon!
Do you all make monthly goals? I find that it helps keep me accountable for actually getting out of the work > school > house > work habit and having some productive fun! Hope you all are keeping WARM and keeping the "fever funk" out of your homes. See you all tomorrow :)


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  2. I tried to make monthly goals but kept forgetting- your ambition is inspiring! I also think it's really healthy to make small yet satisfying goals to accomplish within short periods of time (year resolutions are a bit long...) but good luck!

  3. Sounds like some great goals for the month of February! And I think you're very right - the shorter the month, the less likely that your goals will be forgotten or not followed through! I like to make yearly goals (usually from birthday to birthday) but sometimes those include monthly goals - ie. do something that scares me once a month for a year. Good luck with all you have planned for Feb!