February 25, 2011

Friday's Fancies: Sweet Tea Vodka

Hello friends! Today is Friday's Fancies! The day when money and size don't matter and you can choose your fantasy outfit. Its pretty much my favorite day! Linking up with {av} again this week.  Are you playing? Leave me a comment so I can visit your blog too!

You all have heard of Groupon right? It's this awesome program that delivers daily deals to you (via email, facebook, etc.) The deals are about 90% local and introduce you to things you wouldn't normally think to do. We have gotten some amazing deals from Groupon including a tour and tasting at the Firefly Distillery on Wadmalaw Island for only $6! Firefly Distillery is home to Sweet Tea Vodka (dangerous + wonderful all at once.) So my outfit inspiration for Friday's Fancies is the outfit I would wear tomorrow (read: if money and size are no limitations) when we use our Groupon and tour the plantation.  I am pretty excited and will be sure the share photos + sweet tea vodka recipes tomorrow.

A morning on Wadmalaw Island

A morning on Wadmalaw Island by jenypenny on Polyvore.com


  1. I think the blouse is super cute! Definitely screams spring.

  2. I love the yellow sweater & ankle jeans - very springish. I have spring fever too.

    p.s. i'm your newest follower.
    <3 Erica

  3. I adore that yellow sweater and I desperately need those earrings too! I would love to be able to rock aviators, but they just don't work on my face. BOO HISS! I'm sure you'd rock this outfit! How jealous am I of that distillery tour?! Groupon is fab! Have a great weekend--and thanks again for playing alongFriday's Fancies! Hope you'll do another again soon! xoxo {av}

  4. Lovely!! I'm crushing on the whole look!! Especially that sweater. Gorgeous!!

  5. i'm a cross stitching freak! it's seriously so relaxing. i think i need to make myself a button like the one you have here.
    p.s. sweet tea vodka?? i need you in my life.
    p.p.s. i'm following you!

  6. I love that cardigan--so cute!

    Groupon is the best for those "experience" type deals: we got to tour a tiger sanctuary and have dinner there afterwards through Groupon!

    Hope you had fun :)