February 6, 2011

Project Re-Style-Old School Desk

Several weeks ago my Mom and S-dad gave me this desk.  I am actually not sure of its history other than it's been in my S-dad's family for a long time.  It was pretty banged up and had several wads of gum stuck under the seat (about six), but it had good bones and was sturdy enough.  I decided to give it a good sanding to bring out the beauty without ruining the character/love its been shown over the years.  Lucky for me John brought out the hand sander and we made quicker work of this tedious job. After a finishing sand and a coat of chalkboard paint on the desktop,  I am pretty please with how it turned out. It's now sitting in the entry way awaiting the rest of the mini hall make-over.  I also think I am going to rub mineral oil in to recondition the wood.  Any experience or tips about this?

The inspiration for this project came from Rachel Denbow and Elsie Flannigan's  Project Restyle.
Project Restyle is a just-for-fun creative group focused on ReStyling damaged, unwanted or unusable goods into fresh, beautiful pieces. 

You can read about the project here. And see other awesome before + afters here. I hope everyone has a GREAT start to the week.  Monday...ugh.  Let's make the best of it shall we :)

::ps:: TOMORROW is the 21 day celebration!! Please make sure to visit. 


  1. that desk rocks. It would be SO cute to take pics of a little kid sitting there with an apple in a big pretty green field. I love great before and after furniture re-do's

  2. love the chalk board top. well done! i too want to participate in project restyle but i get super nervous redoing things.

  3. That's adorable! I'd love to just sit and write at that desk...if only it were made for a left-handed writer. ;o)

    New follower who found you through vintch's blog. Your blog is just lovely. Looking forward to your posts. (ps...i'm in greenville, sc) happy Monday! :o)

  4. wait a great restyle! love this!

  5. and by "wait" i meant "what"!

  6. Oh my gosh! I love it! Great job.