April 19, 2011

Currently::April edition

Hello! This is going to one heck of a crazy week.  School ends on Monday and I have two major projects to finish. Through this organized chaos I can see the finish line.  I wanted to pop in a quick post because it makes me feel good to have something completed! Hip-hip-hooray for blogging.

::Organized Chaos::

listening:: Florence + the Machine on Amazon Cloud Player. 

eating::  Salad with radishes, cucumbers + Fig Balsamic (read: yes, its amazing as it sounds!) from Oil & Vinegar.

drinking:: water from my pink camelbak. 

reading:: the schedule for creative mornings.  Kind of like TED for creative types.  San Fran is my favorite.

wearing:: black flip-flop sandals, black trousers, a green peasant shirt, and my white fossil watch.

feeling:: like a caged animal.  B.e.a.u.t.f.u.l day outside and I want to be doing something creative, but honestly anything would be better than where I currently am (read: work.)

weather:: See above.  Warm sun on skin, slight breeze to keep you cool. 

wanting:: to pick up my final project from the printer and see it in all its glossy glory (read: A magazine project for my Advance configuration final.)   

needing:: these + this + that  and wanting very much to make this.

thinking:: about my ETSY shop.  I need to do some research, rebranding, revitalizing and plan a reopening schedule.  Happy to be taking this course from Red Velvet.  It has been very thought provoking.

enjoying:: Making reservations for our ONE YEAR anniversary- I can't believe it has almost been a year of marriage.  Happiness!

wondering: where summer vacation should take us? Currently I am thinking Amelia Island, Dove Mountain, Jamaica or to visit a friend in Hawaii.  It will be a well deserved graduation present!

Finally...checkout {av} beautiful post about holy city hospitality + check out her farmers market pictures.  LOVED meeting her.  I was so sorry to miss meeting everyone else!


  1. love Florence & the Machine!! those rolls look delish. you should make them!

  2. you should make your own etsy shop;) i've been wanting to do it for quite some time but i haven't really looked into it