April 4, 2011

This + That: A list of happy things

Borrowing an idea from so very vicki that I loved for today ( I really hope she doesn't mind,  she usually has fantastic ideas on her blog!)  A little of this and that...

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This & That:  A list of happy things
Seeing Bella (pup) smile while she sits in the front basket on my bike.
 A 70 mile April challenge with a friend that has me motivated.
Mangos and Cantaloupe with a splash of hot sauce
These measuring cups + this artist.
A new pink camelbak water bottle.
Flip-flop weather + pool opening on April 15th
Three weeks left of Spring semester.
Watching "Rudy" for the first time + feeling joyful (I can't believe I've never saw this movie before.)
New Radiohead album 
Riding bikes with my husband to get dinner on a warm spring night.

What is your list of happy things? 

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  1. Love your list! I think you need to post a picture of Bella in your basket!! XOXO