April 13, 2011

Visual Inspiration

Hello Friends! I am working on my final project for Computer Animation, so I took to You Tube last night to look for some visual inspiration.  Am I the last to find all the awesomeness that is You Tube?!?  I thought it was just for singing babies and weird human tricks, but it is so much more.

I normally hate when people post videos on their blogs, but I thought these two were worth sharing.  I read blogs mostly for the visual stimulation and written word so I felt like these would be appropriate to share here.  These videos combined both brilliantly. The first is kinda long at 6 minutes, but it does a good job of explaining how using just words can paint a picture. The other video is an excellent use of kinetic typography.    

What has been visually inspiring you lately? Do you feel overloaded? There is so much out there.

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