September 27, 2011

Four Random Things

Isn't that title mysterious- full of intrigue. Ha! Actually I had four things on my mind that I wanted to talk about, but none of them are related. So here are...

1. Orville Redenbacher Salt & Vinegar popcorn.  There are two snack foods I love Salt & Vinegar chips (LOVE-could eat a whole bag kinda LOVE) and popcorn.  This is what I would call the best snack food EVER invented.  Try it.

2.  The public library! If you haven't been lately, you should go.   I checked out four books yesterday- two are craft books that I saw at the bookstore recently.  It is a great money saver & they have DVD's, Blu-rays available also! Very cool. I am probably late on this bandwagon aren't I!

Source: via Jennifer on Pinterest

3. I am a huge fan of Everyday Foods Magazine.  I have been getting it for around seven years.  I just discovered that you can browse all the recipes via this link if you are a subscriber.  AWESOME!

4. Since I finished school I have been getting back into beading.  I was looking for a good beading book at the library, but I could find one that had the kind of tutorials I am interested in.  Do you all have any suggestions for good beading websites, tutorials, etc? I usually copy what I see in the Anthro catalog (at least use as an inspiration source) but, sometimes I just can't figure it out.  So send any beading resources you have my way.

::my bracelets::

What new favorite things have you found?

PS. A bonus random...anyone watch Storage Wars on A&E? I'm obsessed.


  1. Salt and vinegar popcorn?! MUST try this!!

  2. Holy crud, I need that popcorn. This is really exciting for me...And I love the library too! Free boooooks!

  3. My favorite random this is probably this organic instant Miso soup! Soooo good.

    Missing Amsie Blog

  4. I just took my niece to the library today and we had a great time!

  5. Not only can you check out books in the library but watch for their sales. You can buy hard back books for a dollar. Great bargain !