February 22, 2012

Anticipating our new life

In one week from today I get to meet the little human I have been growing for the last 9 months. If she doesn't come before next Wednesday (leap year) I will be induced in the afternoon.  I am excited and scared and so, so ready for this new life. 

:: Ready for arrival
When I look back at my childhood the fondest memories I have are of the playfulness of my Mom.  No matter what she made sure that every.single.day was an adventure. Our days were filled with reading, crafts, snuggles, snacks, and lots of love.  I hope that I can be that kind of Mom to my daughter.  I want her to be outgoing, inquisitive, creative, and expressive.   I think that my Mom helped foster those type of character traits in me and I hope that I will do the same for her.

It is such a strange feeling to be on the cusp of a change so major that you have no choice but to jump into it.  I know that in a few weeks time our new routine will seem like old habit, but for now I am kind of enjoying the anticipation of our new life.

I already love you more than I can adequately express little one.  Please arrive safe and sound.


  1. those little lips! wishing you a safe delivery Jeny—can't wait to meet the little one : )

  2. HOORAY! I hope it is quick and painless! GET THE DRUGS! I can't to wait to here of her arrival.

  3. What a wonderful little blog post! you will enjoy reading these letters to your little girl later on! :-) So very exciting. Can not wait to hear news of her official arrival!