October 22, 2012

OOTD-Skinny Jeans

I love Fall! It makes me so ridiculously happy that I almost think I am doing a disservice to myself by living in the South.  Example- this morning it was 45 when I left my house.  Now it is in the upper 70s.  Hard to dress for that weather.  Also, this isn't a very genuine photo.  It is flattering from the front, but I have a serious belly that I need to lose.  My Mom has suggested for the 100x that I think about weight watchers and I am seriously starting to think it might be the way to go. I am a very healthy eater for the most part, I just struggle with portion control and needless carbs. Am I alone?!

Anyone a fan of weight watchers? Love to hear your thoughts.

Green shirt, Old Navy// Sweater, GAP// Jeans, Jessica Simpson// Flats, Target// Bracelet, LOFT

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