November 26, 2012


// hello
Watching: The Voice (I love Melanie Martinez!), Revolution, and YouTube subscriptions.
Listening to: Christmas music.  I'm a sucker for traditional holiday music.

Planning: Gift lists for my family & Elly.  Also trying to figure out some good gifts for John.  Any suggestions for good husband gifts? 

Thinking about: Starting #mileaday on the treadmill on December 1.  Inspired by Elise.

Loving: Apple slices and Sharp Cheddar Cheese.

Stressing about: Christmas decorating. Its true.  Bringing in all those boxes...UGH! 

Looking forward to:  Elly crawling, she is so close. I am sure I will regret saying that. :)
Reading: Blogs!

Making me happy: The colder weather and family photos we took yesterday!
// Elly at Daniel Island

Wishing: That...John and I will go to wine under the oaks on Sunday at Boone Hall.

I am always inspired to do these lists by Katie and now  HollyWhat are you doing now?!

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  1. Sweet girl!! I am also rocking out to the Christmas tunes!