December 27, 2012

New Year, New Glasses

It seems like last year I was at a stand still waiting for Elly to be born and the last 10 months- well those have been a blur.  During all this waiting and now grasping at time I have put lots of events on the back burner.  Hair appointments, facials, mani/pedis, working out, cooking, etc.  I have done all the essential appointments including my yearly eye appointment, but I didn't take the time to pick out new glasses. I ALWAYS have immediate buyers remorse when I pick out new eyeglasses. Who doesn't?!

So, I was VERY excited to find a new way to buy glasses using virtual try-on. I literally tried on every single pair of plastic frames I could find.

My persistance paid off because when my prescription glasses showed up- they were a perfect fit. The whole process was super easy and after I tried on a zillion & one glasses I picked "Dune Brown." offers high quality frames and lenses and many are below $50 dollars. My frames were only $38 including lenses. They have a great refer-a-friend program ($30 for each first purchase a referred friend makes.)

//side note- almost didn't post picture of my face because I feel like my nose is huge since I had Elly what is up with that?!?
Once my order was placed I got updates throughout the whole process and knew exactly what was happening to my glasses each day.  The packaging was perfect and the included frame case & lens wipe was a nice touch.  I wouldn't hesitate to order from again (read: my husband was so pleased with my order he is considering placing his very own!) If you follow them on Twitter and Facebook you can find great promo codes.  Right now use the code NEWLOOK to save 50% + Free Shipping! Its so easy to start the new year with new glasses.  Lenses included. The best part for me was the virtual try-on feature.  It eliminated my buyers remorse and I checked one more thing off my to do list for the new year.  Now if I could virtually go to the dentist I would be a happy, happy girl.  

What are some personal tasks that you need/want to complete in the new year?  Are glasses on that list?  

//disclaimer- I received this product c/o, but the opinions are my own.

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