December 10, 2012

Three goals


I have three goals for Holiday break. [1] I want to gather up all the magazines in my house (read: there are hundreds) recycle them and only keep the ones that give me absolute inspiration. [2] I want to finish the blog redesign and add my graphic design portfolio to this site.

[3] The biggest goal however is to completely empty my art/craft room and start over.  I have just about one of everything you could possible imagine in my art room.  The sheer amount of stuff has stumped my creativity.  I want to start over with just the essentials. Things that inspire, bring me joy and get back to the art & PLAY of creating. I would love to start the new year with a fresh/empty space to create and the ability to make it portable (important with a little one I spend time with!)  I am feeling an intense desire to streamline and reduce, but an even bigger desire to create.

What are your fixes for a creative dry spell?  

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