January 3, 2013


Drinking: water from my CamelBak- its beloved.
Eating: wheat free. 
Listening: Lionel Richie on vinyl. Hello...
Wearing: Boots/ Old N, Leggings/ Forever 21, Striped dress/ Old N, Long Black cardigan/ JJill, Gold Hoops/ Banana Republic, Glasses/ Dune Brown c/o Glassesusa.com
Reading: blogs from my reader- slimmed down to just my favorites!
Feeling: like I am ready to tackle my weight and anxious about taking Elly to the allergist tomorrow.
Weather: dreary, rainy and chilly- but I am NOT complaining.
Wanting: to clean out my craft room and keep only the essentials.
Needing: a hair cut!
Wishing: I could be with Elly all day EVERY day.
Thinking: I will start preparing and cooking meals every Sunday for the week.
Enjoying:The last candy canes of the season. 

Thanks for the inspiration Amy & Katie to do these list.  I LOVE to look back at them.  Hope you all are having a great start to Twenty-13.  Cheers!

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  1. You rock. Post some of your Sunday meal planning plans. I am trying to do this too. I am embracing the Cook's Illustrated Make Ahead cookbook.......