February 26, 2013

Budget Maker and Budget Breaker No.2

Rose water should be on the vanities of every single women- seriously!  It is a miracle tonic that has many uses, in fact I could use it as a budget maker for several facial products! You can pick it up at Whole Foods, local health food stores, several places online and even Asian grocery stores. Not only does it work as a make-up setter, it also restores the pH in your skin after cleansing, using a mask or exfoliating.

As a make-up setting spray it does the exact same thing the Urban Decay all nighter does for much less. To use as a make-up setting spray simply spray about 6-8 inches from face after applying make-up.  If you feel your foundation and powder are too matte it will give you a nice dewy finish.  It seems to push the makeup into the skin for a flawless hydrated finish.

Have you tried Rose water? Do you think you will? 

\\disclaimer- neither Heritage Products or Urban Decay know who I am.  I am just sharing my personal opinions with you.


  1. Cool! I also like the way it smells!!

  2. oh no way! i've never tried it. that's awesome.

  3. ooo. thanks for the intro...I clearly need this! much love, lady! xoxo {av}