February 18, 2013

Budget makers and Budget breakers


I love to try out new products- doesn't everyone? The thing is once I find a product I like,  I tend to be very loyal both to the product and the brand.  I love to mix together high end and low end products for makeup, face and body care.  Many time the store brand of something is just as good as its name brand shelf mate (I am looking at you Walgreens!) Recently I received several samples of the dermalogica skin prep and scrub and was BLOWN AWAY- my skin was soft and glowing for several days following my first use.  The second & third use was no different- I was sold.  I went to order the product and it was on back order- UGH! In the meantime I was browsing the samples aisle at Target preparing for a weekend trip and found a sample size of the St. Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub.  It was almost a dupe for the dermalogica skin prep scrub.  My skin feels smooth, hydrated and glowing. So this product is a "budget maker!"  

I have normal to oily skin so if yours is the same, I suggest using this only twice a week.   Use about a dime size amount of product and really work it into your face and neck area for about 45 seconds. There is no lather, but you will almost instantly feel the effects of the micro fine grains.  Avoid your sensitive eye area.  Moisturize as normal and enjoy this "budget maker" product!

Do you look for product dupes? What is your favorite?

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