February 28, 2013

Current currents

Loving // Trader Joes Coconut Milk
Loathing // the early pollen here in South Carolina.
Reading  // mostly magazines (Allure, Working Mother, and Food and Wine.)
Watching // Parks & Rec, Smash, and YouTube subscriptions.
Listening  // Alabama Shakes and Kenrick Lamar
Eating // clean (Paleo) using eMeals.com recipes (use code newyear to save 15%)
Drinking // water & coffee
Making // a billion crafts for Elly's 1st Birthday celebration!
Needing // to get to the root of my working out issue.
Wanting // this stamp (it inspired these current topics!)
Wishing // health insurance was free in this country
Thinking // about starting a mini blogging conference here in South Carolina I was "called to action" by Heather Baily on her blog post about revive and on instagram so, I think it is time to do something!

Current list inspired by the perks blog & amy tangerine.

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