March 19, 2013

2013 Spring Trends I am loving

There are so many great trends right now I had a hard time choosing just a few, so I tried to pick the things I that I'm loving and will be incorporating into my spring fashion.  I tend to wear a lot of black, grey, green and white, but I love pattern + color.  I find that when I am displeased with my body I tend to gravitate towards the darker colors.  I hate being like that and I look forward to the day when I can be BOLD all the time.  Anyhoo- I'm loving all the unique patterns/prints on clothes and jeans this season.  I love this shirt below by Lucky Brand and recently just bought a bold floral necklace from VeryJane ( a pop-up sale site) that brings a little bit of fun to my boring black t-shirts!  What are your favorite trends right now? What will you be trying?

2013 Spring Trends

Lucky Brand red t shirt / Kate Spade printed bag / Torrid  Flower necklace / Piperlime Sandals

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