July 23, 2013

Currents 7.23.13

Loving// moorea seals new shop and mintbarry.co
Loathing// the constant rain we've been having here in Charleston, SC.
Reading// lots and lots of design magazines for textile inspiration.
Watching// gossip girl (currently in season 3- major crush on Chuck Bass!)
Listening// Macklemore & Ryan Lewis, The Great Gatsby Soundtrack, Tori Amos
Eating// Blueberry oatmeal.
Drinking// Grande Americano from Starbucks
Making// Lots and lots of new bracelets and some pillows for the store.
Needing// A real vacation and one morning to sleep in.
Wanting// To clean out the garage so I can park my car in there again!
Wishing// I had about three hours extra in each day and that 27 of them I wasn't thinking about my weight.
Thinking// About Elly's surgery a week from today.  She is getting tubes in both ears. My sweet bug!

Current list inspired by the perks blog & amy tangerine.

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