September 16, 2013

Fall Fashion for curvy girls

On my curvy girl Pinterest board I try to find fashion pieces that are affordable, fashionable and fit the more curvy girl.  Like most women I am never happy with my weight and work continuously to find the right balance of healthy eating/exercise, but I find that I am most motivated to continue my journey when I feel good about myself.  The majority plus size clothing is horrible, tent like with lots of sparkles when what a curvy girl really needs is structured pieces that flatter the shape instead of hiding it.  I learned of eShakti sometime last year and I am always excited when they release a new line for the season because there clothes are 100% customizable. This isn't a paid review I just like their clothes and the choices they offer! If you are a new customer the first customization is free & you can save $30 off your first order.  The fabric quality is unmatched and the workmanship on the clothing is fantastic.

*Tip* If you are going to customize your clothing you should try to have someone else measure you (a tailor will do it for free) this will assure you get the best fit possible! 

Fall Fashion for Curvy girls

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  1. i have really liked both dresses I have bought from there.