January 28, 2011

Five for Friday

I am glad to see others share the same frequent word issues I do.  In fact today I left comments on a few blogs and never once used the words amaze, love and inspire.  Success! So what does everyone have going on this weekend?  I have some school projects and an oyster roast on Sunday.  The best news of all...60+ degrees and SUNNY! Moments like this I just LOVE living here.

Along the Battery
::Sunny day on the Battery::

So far I have three blog features I am excited about Monday Minibooks, Wordless Wednesday and Five for Friday. These may change, but for now I like the structure. What can I say. I am a Virgo :)

  1. Kashi Warm Oat Cinnamon Cereal.  WHAT?! This stuff is so tasty and filling. Its basically like cinnamon toast crunch for adults.

  2. Battlestar Galactic. Oh holy goodness.  My nerdy husband is making me a nerd.  All things considered its a really good show.  We like watching TV series from beginning to end and I am actually enjoy the story lines.

  3. Overstock.com. Am I the last to know?  Happiness.  I got these sheets (blue ticking.) Take it from me, soft as velvet.
  4. Keurig. This is my HEAVEN.  It makes one perfectly brewed cup of coffee on demand.  John (hubs) bought it as a Christmas gift and I use it every.single.day.  *If you are wondering...I think Emeril's Keurig Coffee is the best. 
  5. ::image here::
  6.  Lastly, all of you that have taken the time to comment this week! It has excited me beyond words to open my blog and see the comments.  So, thanks for the warm blogger welcome :)
::image here::


    1. so happy to have stumbled on your blog--if you want to link up one Friday, I'd love to have you do a Friday's Fancies...as long as your Virgo side would let you ;) xoxo {av}

    2. Cathy Stevens29/1/11 8:37 AM

      Am really diggin your blog, Jeny! Keep it up and I'll keep reading:) You may be inspriring...correction MOTIVATING others to start one as well;)

    3. oooh i love that green keurig. thanks for the shout out!

    4. Sending lots of blog love your way! I'm with Cathy--keep writing and sharing your fantastic photos! Your style is fresh and vibrant--fabulous!