January 27, 2011

Get a thesuarus already

Hello, it's almost, almost Friday.  Hip-hip-hooray!
So this is my tenth day blogging.  10th day! I am so excited with the opportunities and happiness this is bringing me, so I decided that on the 21st day I am going to do something special.  You know the old saying...21 days makes a habit.

Anyhoo...with my happy foray into the world of blogger has come a HUGE problem.  Well really its just a huge problem to me.  I am SO.DARN.TIRED of using these three words:
  1. Inspired
  2. Amazed
  3. Loved
Art & Supplies

There has to be more words I can used to describe how I feel about others art, sewing skills, photos, recipes, dreams, and words. Its driving me crazy that I can't express how I feel without using one of those three words.  So...I am going to make it my goal to actually write what I feel, not just what sounds good. Also, I am going to spend some time looking through a thesaurus so I can have some fallbacks when I can't think of another way to describe something that inspires, amazes and makes me fall in love ;) Suggestions always welcome.


  1. Hoooray for new bloggers in the blogosphere! So fun!
    -Allison Kaye

  2. i love it:) some words do get overused, and those are certainly easy ones to do it! I always use thesaurus.com to help me out:) happy friday!

  3. I overuse fantastic. I say it all the time! And great is another one. I need to check out the thesaurus too!

    Welcome to blogging! :)

  4. Oh, I couldn't agree more! I think I'll start doing this too :)

  5. true, true!
    I like your little photo for this post. and your point is well-taken. we all use the same few words. it's a tiny blog-vocabulary, don't you think?

  6. Hi! I don't remember how I came across your blog but I do enjoy it! And I completely agree. I find myself using the same words over and over.

    I'm just starting a blog, too. So hopefully we'll both be able to make this a habit and stick with it!!

    Keep blogging cause I'm loving reading it. :)