January 21, 2011

Hedgehogs, art school and Anthropologie

Hello friends! Just a short post tonight.  I have to work tomorrow (BOOO) + finish an animation project for school.  My obsession with hedgehogs is still HUGE and I drew a little chubby fellow to animate.  Like always I  asked for a hedgehog this Christmas and John got me this baby hedgehog one instead.  So cute.

:: A Skunkboy Creatures Creation::

It's a Skunkboy Creatures and she makes the cutest stuff. Anyhoo.... Once I am done with the animation I will have to post it here.  Being in art school we do quite a few critiques, but they never get any easier.  I think that's going to be the hardest part of being a designer, building confidence.  After working for 11 years as a system engineer, a career in art is essentially like learning a whole new language.  Worth it though.  I have loved art since I was three years old.  I wanted to be a designer of recipe cards-weird I know, but I would sit for hours coloring in index cards.  I think following graduation it will be the first thing that offically design for me! The fonts, the colors, the imagery.  I think about design all the time. Now I need to get a handle on the sharing part!

I have NO problem sharing my love of others inspiring work and Anthropologie (A DREAM JOB) never, ever, ever fails.  They always seem to be a half step in front of everyone else. I love this video about scarfs.  Ummm...another great pleasure of mine.  I really should do a scarf post.  Do you all have a certain way to wear them?  I have started doing a knot in mine.  Anyway...enjoy!

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