January 22, 2011

Wine and Pizza

This is a new feature I hope to do often.  My friends always tease me that "everything" is my favorite, but its kinda true.  I do have lots of favorite things and this feature is where I will share all those things worthy of the favorite things title.  Nope, not Oprah...just Jeny :)

1.  Pizza. YUM.  The best pizza we've had is from Whole Foods.  Have you ever had their pizza? Its baked fresh in a wood-fired oven.  Well, this afternoon I went to Whole Foods to get staples for the week and asked the pizza guys if they just sold dough...turns out they do and for 3.99 you can make Whole Foods pizza at home.  Basil, Mozzarella, Tomatoes and a little olive oil = perfection.

::My Pizza Margarita::
2. Red Wine.  It goes perfect with pizza and is my guilty pleasure.  My favorite things about Red wine is how much my family has started to enjoy it.  It has become a big part of our gatherings. We love Davinci Chianti and Rex Goliath Cab.  What is your favorite wine? Red or White?
::Around the table at Family Dinner::         

So because I am just getting the hang of this blogging thing and fighting my way through photo uploads these are my TWO great shares for tonight.  I know...totally major right! Its only my sixth day blogging so hopefully as the days tick by my blogging skills will get better.  Just 14 more days and this is a habit.  If you would be so kind to leave a comment.  I am trying to decide between using Photobucket and flickr.  Any suggestions are welcome.


  1. Mmm sounds like the perfect meal! I've never tried the pizza from Whole Foods but I now intend to next time I'm there! Looks so good!

  2. i love whole foods pizza too. have you been to la pizzeria? AMAZING!