February 16, 2011

Blogging lite

I know my blogs haven't been that thoughtful (I am noticing the lack of comments!) I am still trying to post a little something everyday until I can get through this crazy week at school.  I don't know how many of you reading have ever used Flash, but it is so hard to work through proper animation.  I anticipate better blogging on Saturday (+ Friday Fancies.)

So tonight I just wanted to list five current favorite things:

1. Pinterest- if you haven't visited pinterest you should.  It is a little mini visual vacation.

Source: etsy.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

2.  Vintch- Her blog is so thoughtful and lovely.  I enjoy reading her insights everyday and secretly strive to be that transparent and honest.

3.  Stoneyfield Greek yogurt with caramel- Try it. It is a dessert packed with protein.

4.  Thinking about signing up for this indie business class with my Mom.  Lots of very talented women teaching. I have been thinking alot about what's next and

5.  Kate Spade sample sale.  ::THIS BRACELET:: Your first love never quite goes away :)

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