February 15, 2011


listening: My secret obsession (well, not secret now!) Beyond Survival with Survivor Man.  
eating:   Morning Star farm blackbean burgers. Very yum! Also sugar-free Boston cream pie pudding. 
drinking: Water with hint of orange.
wearing:Vera Wang cotton PJ's from Kohls.  The softest PJ's ever. 
feeling: like this was the longest day ever.  Also, that I shouldn't have procrastinated on my animation project.  Have I mentioned that in 2+ years of school this is my least favorite class (and that includes math!)
weather: B.E.U.A.T.I.F.U.L Bright blue skies (I call them Charleston blue) + in the 60s!

::Can't wait for this::

need: to start moving.  I am no where near my 20 mile goal for this month (read: zero.)
thinking: about old friends, Facebook, + why being an adult sucks :)
enjoying: my BRAND NEW iPHONE!! Cellphone nirvana.  I am a lemming and so happy!
wondering: how I am going to convince work to let me take my last two classes for my degree?  They are only offered during the day on Monday and Wednesday this summer.  I can't go through another semester. Must make this happen so I can graduate.
internet find:These shoes + these bracelets.

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