March 31, 2011

Anthropologie = Inspiration

How do they do it? They always find ways to inspire me, make me think outside the box, change the way I look at color and useful objects. There isn't a store near me in Charleston (crazy!) so I have to drive to Myrtle Beach to visit and I always save my pennies to buy a few things that help me create cooler outfits then I even thought was possible.  Yes, it's true an asymmetrical sweater ups the possibilities of my wardrobe.  So yesterday when I got this in my email account I new I had to share it here. The latest little gift from Anthropologie.


  1. Oh, Anthropologie how I love you...! I wish we had one around here--their new spring colors are just yummy!

  2. So in love with them:-) I have a few stores nearby me, but I force myself not to go too often. Too dangerous for my debit card:-) xoxo