March 30, 2011

To the cloud

As a daytime IT nerd, I feel like it’s my duty to share this announcement with you.  Have you heard about the Amazon cloud drive? It is perfect for storing and accessing your music from anywhere and playable via the cloud player anytime! Technology is AWESOME!  
  • You get 5GB of music storage (that's about 1600 MP3's) for FREE! 
  • The best part about the cloud is not having to worry about losing your music/photo collection ever.  
  • Also, if you purchase songs via Amazon (they are cheaper) the music you purchase doesn't count towards your 5GB of storage.
The downside is really only for iPhone users as there is no available cloud player for our phones.  Android phone users, you have an app!  Working in the technology industry cloud based services aren't new to me, but to see the way they are shared with consumers is fascinating.  To the cloud!

*Amazon has no idea who I am and they did not pay me to provide this opinion.  It is my own.

If you decided to use this service let me know!

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