March 21, 2011

Charleston, SC spring break fun

This spring break was exactly what I needed.  Granted I still worked 40+ hours, but the evening/weekend zone time was great.  I got to eat at new restaurants, get pampered, bike ride, laze around, and watch lots of TV.  Happiness. I really enjoy new experiences as they seem to inspire new creative ideas.  I got plenty stocked up last week and I have decided to reopen my shop in May. I had a new logo designed last year and I have yet to put it to use.  I will be excited to rebrand my items and start the creating machine again.  I have been reading "The Handmade Marketplace." Its a great book to review the indie business process. are some of the fantastic things I got into over the last week (read: lots of eating and drinking + bike riding too!)

Great Harvest Bread Company:: Great breads for our yearly retreat.  They change daily so check the website.  If you get there early enough (read: 7am) get the Savannah bar.  Fresh fruit, whole wheat, oatmeal.  So very good.

Coast Brewery:: They offer tastings on Thursday and Saturday. $4 gets you four samples of what's on tap.  All the production happens on site and they are fantastic about explaining the process.  It was a fun Thursday diversion.

Out for a night on the town.  What a treat.  Especially with friends from Hawaii and a husband who had been traveling in Alabama.  The night ended at 2:30AM, but the laughter made it feel like 9:30!

Closed for business:: I can not say enough about this restaurant/bar.  The bartenders were so friendly and they have around 100 beers on tap.  They offer all the local breweries including Coast, but also many great beers from other smaller craft breweries.  If you aren't a beer drinking ask for the velvet devil, a great red from Washington State.   They have a nice sitting area with fireplace and turn-over is frequent so you will be able to grab a seat relatively soon. Awesome time. 

Monza:: Only two important things here.  Get the beet salad (read: I dream about it and ask to sit on the back patio.  It feels like you're in another country.

The Gin Joint:: A speakeasy type bar located off a little alleyway with great outdoor seating.  The drinks are made like they should be with care, specialty chipped ice, and authentic ingredients.  Awesome place to wrap up a night downtown.  We had absinthe, fizzes, and gin drinks, all made to look like masterpieces.

Saturday morning I got to spend sometime with one of my favorite people.  Want to be inspired by someone who had a dream/vision and went for it...this is my friend Toska.  She owns a European Spa and has kept my skin looking radiant for two years now.  This Saturday on her recommendation I got the BEST THING EVER.  Lash tinting.  My lashes (including bottom) are beautiful and dark all without mascara and the dreaded mid day black eye.  So happy.  If you are in Charleston go see Toska, but where ever you are think about lash tinting.  As a new contact wearer (read: two weeks) not wearing mascara has made the morning process a little easier.

Old Pitt Street Bridge, Mt. Pleasant, SC
::Pitt Street Bridge |  Mount Pleasant, SC::

Finishing off the weekend with a little crafting has made this a restful, recharging and happy spring break. Isn't it nice when simple little things can make you the happiest?  What little things this past week have made you happy?

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