March 13, 2011

The Weekend wrap-up

Hello friends!

What an amazing weekend.  There is something about springing forward that makes you feel ALIVE.  This weekend I went for two bike rides for a grand total of 15 miles.  Both rides took me to the the water.  I love being able to hop on my bike and get to deep water marsh lands in minutes.

::Dunes West, SC::

Its a small thing that turns out to be such a luxury.  I was telling my husband on Friday night, that after college Charleston was all I could think about.  We like the say once you live here its in your blood. I talked about living here non-stop (just ask my friends from D.C!) Once I finally got back, its like I forgot all the possibilites and joy.  I am determined to find it again this spring and summer.  So with that said, we spent the entire weekend here in Mount Pleasant and Sullivans Island.!

Friday night we wanted to celebrate the fact that we bought our house again, but for a lower interest rate! Score! So we went to Neil Jordans steakhouse.  The food gets better every time we go (here's a tip, sit in the bar and ask for the Tapas menu.) Then we walked down to the cigar shop and enjoyed a couple of glasses of wine in their private backroom club.  It's one of only 21 in the world.  If you can get past the cigar smoke (read: had to open the back door) it was a really cool experience.   

Saturday it was so nice to just enjoy nothing! No projects for school, no homework, no pressures.  After my long bike ride I made a fresh tomato sauce + whole wheat pasta and worked on a few new projects for JenyPenny. I have a zillion old t-shirts so I have been trying to come up with a way to re-purpose them and I think I have a couple of good ideas.

::New JenyPenny projects::

Today we had a terrific first Lenten Sunday, with a very appropriate message.  I love it when that happens.  After church we had a light brunch al fresca and then a quick shopping trip to Target.  Have you seen the shoes at Target recently...they are so cute.  I am a sucker for a good pair of flats.  I picked up these cute ruffled canvas shoes. *edited::Actually I just noticed that online all the shoes are buy one get one at 50%.  So I am going to return those and get two pair online! Bonus!

Lastly, I just created a batch of salted caramels.  I am awful at candy making so I will let you know how these turned out (read: firmball?!?)  Do you all have big plans for the week? Is it finally Spring where you are? Happiness!


  1. I just made a scarf from a t-shirt and am going to post a tut on my blog soon! It was sooooooo fun. Can't wait to see what else you do with yours!

  2. Love the flowers! I think they would look nice to embellish a t-shirt or a summer dress.