May 19, 2011

Camera confusion


I am so disappointed in blogger and the blogger trouble of late last week.  I had two post in draft and I lost quite a few comments, but I figured I need to get back on the band-wagon and recreate (plus it is very hard to complain about a FREE service.)  So here I am!  I am so grateful for the comments to my last post.  I feel a rumbling inside and writing that post actually cleared the clouds enough for me to start moving forward.  The power of words never, ever ceases to amaze me. I almost didn't post that personal note, but I am glad and comforted that I did.  Almost like admitting it out-loud relieved me.  So thank you for reading.

Moving on...late last summer I bought a very nice SLR camera for school projects.  I went from taking millions of photos-to-hundreds-to-zero. Why? This camera scares the crap out of me! I can't seem to take pictures indoors and only about 2 of 10 I take outdoors comes out.  It is so frustrating. I had a great starter SLR Sony (think training wheels) but it had multiple automatic focus points so I wasn't getting the images I was setting out to create.  I have decided to embrace this thing, this SLR beast and try to figure it out (even though part of me wants to run back to my sweet Sony.) Is anyone else struggling with their SLR? If so here are three things that shine a little light on the mystery f-stops and lighting conditions my Nikon D-5000 requires.  Am I along? I feel like a complete moron with this thing!

Source: None via Jennifer on Pinterest

Camera Sim | an online SLR Camera Simulator
You must try this out.  Very cool!

:: Found here::

This is a fantastic e-book that I have found helpful, it has fairly good reviews online.

If you find other helpful links please let me know. I love to learn as much as possible!

Speaking of photography, this is a very exciting week for my family.  My Mom is getting married tomorrow to a man that my sister and I have thought of as a Stepdad for a long time.  He is pretty much everything you could want in a Dad and I will be happy to watch them officially become man and wife.  My husband, sister and I couldn't think of a gift to get them, so we hired a photographer to capture all the little moments that will make tomorrow special.  Better than a couple of place settings, no? 

Have a great Thursday and I will see you here tomorrow with wedding weekend Friday's Fancies!

PS. I have a real live giveaway coming in the next week.  Very excited to share it!


  1. Im currently in a photography class and I'm learning so much more about my camera. I love that guide for f/stops and such. I will definitely print that out! My brother got me a great book for Christmas called, Learning to See Creativity. It tells you what stop and lens he used to shoot the pictures and gives you new ideas on how to see something.

  2. I have a dSLR (Canon Rebel) & I absolutely love it! It took me a little bit of time to get used to all the settings, but after a while you get the hang of it ;) That "Photography Cheat Sheet" is actually very helpful!!