June 16, 2011

An ode to time

Source: etsy.com via Jennifer on Pinterest

Dear Friends-

I have been working the last three years towards my degree in Commercial Graphic Design. This has meant no summers off, no weekends free, no weeknights spent lazing around and plenty of patience from my husband, family and friends. It has been my dream for as.long.as I can remember to be an artist. A dream to go to art school, tap my talent and see if it was for real. It's a dream that is about to be fulfilled when I graduate in August.

Right now however...I am in full tilt panic mode.
I am taking three classes during the abbreviated summer session and preparing for my portfolio exit show. Something has to give, so for the next six weeks posting will be very sparse here. Please don't leave me-I will be back and BETTER THAN EVER :)

PS. I still have Cascade samples to send out. If you are interested please email me your contact info!

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