September 19, 2011

Well...hello there

My one month to catch my breath turned into a three month craze fest as I finished school. I am happy to say that I graduated (with honors) and have now rejoined the land of the living. College as an adult is SO.MUCH.HARDER (read: I wish I actually paid attention the first time!)

So for the last days of summer, I felt a lot like this...

Had enough.

What really prompted me to get back to blogging was a post from eat, drink be a tourist.
It's her bucket list for the rest of the year...only three more months?!? Ekks! I love list and I thought this would be a great way to really put my thoughts (future post) wants, needs and must do's down.  2012 will be here before we blink.

1. Get my husband to go downtown with me on a weekend to walk, enjoy the sites and use our gift certificate to Charleston cooks!
2. Have a pumpkin spice latte date down at Waterfront park.
3.  Take Bella for a walk on the path at Daniels Island.
4.  Make time to see my friends I've neglected this summer (dinners!)
5.  Plan the annual family fall fun day- Brookgreen Gardens.
6. Order new blinds for upstairs.
7.  Get to IKEA and get new bedroom furniture.
8. Go to Taste of Charleston.
9.  Finish secret Christmas project for family.
10. Eat a late lunch at Village Bakery.
11. Walk 6 days a week on treadmill.
12. Clean out closets & donate.
13. Finish front room. 
14. Have a yard sale.
15. Plan a bonfire on the new patio (hint...hint John.)
16. Go downtown for the Chirstmas tree lighting at Marion Square.
17. Get ETSY shop filled for Christmas.
18. Spend on afternoon taking photos around town.
19. Visit friends in Greenville.
20. Send one greeting card a week to someone special.

So there you have it.  20 items to cross-off the list by the end of the year.  A shout-out to Kelsey at eat, drink be a tourist for giving me the virtual push to get this blog out of hibernation. Do you have a end of year bucket list? What are you waiting for...

Have a great Monday you guys!



  1. Glad I could help get you out of your rut! I love your list - might have to add some more things to mine after reading it!! :)

  2. Yay!! I'm so glad you're back! Congrats on the graduation (with honors!!!). (Not sure if I had started my new blog before you took your break...stop by sometime!)

  3. glad to have you back, pretty lady! congrats on finally finishing :) good luck on that list...I really ought to make another one! xoxo {av}

  4. I stumbled across one of your comments on Kelsey's blog. I'm using my 25 things to do before I'm 25 list for her end of the year bucketlist.