September 22, 2011


Sometimes without knowing why a wonderful childhood memory will pop into my head.  For some reason I can really only remember things that happened in my favorite childhood home. It was a Green split-level and I had the room above the garage.  That room still brings back the best memories- well the room and the awesome old school desk my Mom put in there.  It was always filled with one of my distracting treasures...(read:: why I just graduated college in my 30s.)  Anyway, my mom used to make my lunch for me everyday.  I actually wasn't a huge fan of school hot lunch unless it was waffle day.  My very, very favorite part of that lunch was seeing a little note written in blue pen on my white napkin that was folded at the bottom of my lunch bag.  I am not sure what the notes said, but if I had to guess it was probably "do your best" , or "have a great day!"...but they were always signed love, mommy. 

I can hardly remember what I got for birthday's and Christmas back then except for a few TOTALLY awesome gifts that stand out (read:: Barbie apartment furniture) but, I always remember the small gestures that made those early childhood years worth remembering.

Right now during a time when the world is unsteady and people are more and more self-absorb, my simple childhood memory reminds me that it isn't where you live, what you do, or what you own that make you happy, it's the finding and giving of small gestures that make a life.

And just cause this is so darn cute...

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