April 24, 2012

20, 5, 2

I met John 20 years ago.  We were high school students in the summer between our Sophomore/Junior year.  Not many of us could drive and the only things that were important to us were music (mix tapes), coffee, and finding meaningful friendships. We also enjoyed good doses of mischief.  John was one of my best friends throughout high school.  We enjoyed lots of movies, music, and good conversations at the Silver Diner.  We never dated, but cared about each other very much. 

Five years ago we reconnected on that old site called- MySpace (ha!) Our friendship picked right back up were we left it 15 years earlier.

Two years ago today we married.  Knowing and loving John has been the best part of my life. I feel very lucky in love.  Our wedding was so much fun, that we have often talked about doing it again at five years! ILYVVM John!

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  1. I love these pictures! Your shoes! Oh, your shoes. So pretty. :)