April 22, 2012

Baby E at one & half months

Some of my favorite bloggers are also new momma's and they are able to blog semi-regularly. I find myself during late night feeding sessions reading their post looking for the secret to get it all done.  I haven't found the secret, but as I find myself with a pocket of time this seemed like a good time to get a blog post up & see if I can start to make this a semi-regularly habit myself. 

At seven weeks baby E is settling into a routine and changing everyday- she is a good eater and she is now napping and sleeping at night in her crib.  The six week fussy period was hard to get through, but it seems to have lessened now that we are in the middle of the seventh week.  She loves her nighttime routine with Dad and listening to her pink floyd and beatles lullabies.  She just started interacting with the animals on her bouncy seat and it is the CUTEST thing ever! Keep growing baby E we love you so much!

::Eleanor is wearing an outfit that I wore in 1976- Vintage baby::


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  1. I love the idea of her on the calendar! You are so creative. That is a fun outfit too. The 6th week growth spurt scared the crap out of me. It was like she was possessed and the screamiest baby ever, but then she mellowed out. You are doing awesome Mama!!