January 10, 2013

The long and short of it

As my stylist says, " Happy New Hairs!" Usually this time of year I crave a fresh start for my hair.  I've had fun with the length and color over the holidays, but come the depth of winter I am ready to shake it up. This year however, is different than most years because my hair is not "my hair." I don't know what happened after I had Elly, but I have lost so much hair and my texture has changed.  It seems that nothing I do will restore the shine and volume.  Let's not even talk about the new hair growth all around my temple. It sticks out like crazy!

\\exhibit A- horrible hair

So with all that said- I am going shorter.  I am thinking chin length bob, lots of layers and I am toying with some side swept bangs.  If perms weren't so 1988- I would get that too!  Momma needs volume and texture (and a less awkward smile-wth?!?) Here are some of the inspiration photos I have found via Pinterest.

Thoughts? Would you consider shorter bangs? Perm?


  1. I love these looks. I have an afro that this will not support. I hear you on teh hair change. I actually have a receding hairline/bald spot. Fingers crossed it fills in. I am doing a come over near my temple.....not cute.

  2. TEAM SHORT HAIR!! I'm not really a fan of bangs...they cause me more problems than good. haha

  3. Hey girl!

    Thank you for stopping by my blog and giving me a shout out! whoot whoot! ... make me sooo happy.

    P.S. I am lovin all your short hair inspiration... the second one... if I had the guts... I would totally do it. And your blog is adorable...

    xoxo Nicky

  4. I always think bangs are a good idea at first - I get them once every other year or so - but they annoy me when they start to grow out (to the point that they get in your eyes but don't easily stay parted or tucked behind your ears).