February 5, 2013

How to & review: Palmolive Fresh Infusions

Sorry for the delay in post.  My house has been a non-stop sick zone.  Oh my goodness I feel like the coughing, colds, flu, sore throats, and pink eye (read: not pink eye) will never leave.  Here is to hoping that we are all on the mend.  I never knew that my luscious little baby bug would be such a hot bed of virus. Anyhoo....

In the last year there are a few things that I feel I have a good handle on when it comes to raising an infant and I wanted to share them in case any of you are struggling with some of these issues.  Now, there are plenty of things that I didn't have a handle on (and still don't) but I think that is where we can learn from other Mom's out there.  Early on I realized that I would be tied to my sink washing and sanitizing everything. Even though I was breastfeeding I still had to wash and sanitize pump parts, bottles, pacifiers, and now we have to wash and sanitize her bottles and nipples that she uses at school.  Its a nightly ritual that has become a habit.  I created a little system that streamlines this process and actual makes it an enjoyable part of the night.  You only need four things:

1. A big bowl to collect the days worth of baby washing.  This keeps it out of the sink and away from any allergens. Also it is easier to sanitize a bowl than it is your kitchen sink- you can just pop this in the dishwasher once a week.

2. Microwave sanitizer bags (these are a life saver) you can pop your washed bottles and nipples in for a 3 minute steam fest and then place them in the drying rack.

3. A bottle brush.  I keep mine right in the big bowl and this makes getting into those hard to reach spots easy.  Also- if you just use this for bottle washing you prevent any extra cleaning steps.

4. A good dish soap (see below.)

I have been testing out the Palmolive Fresh Infusions in Lime Basil and it smells exactly like a margarita.  The scent alone makes this task a little less annoying.  I like Palmolive because you get a good amount of suds with just a small squirt.  Use a light hand though because Palmolive can require a two step rinse if you use too much.  It is meant to remove stuck on food and break down grease so baby bottles are an easy match for it. Here are a few more reviews on it.

Currently Palmolive Fresh Infusions comes in three scents: Lime Basil (hello margs on the beach), Lemon Thyme (smells very clean and refreshing) and White Tea Ginger (I passed this onto a friend so I have no idea of the scent.) You can find it at most major retailers and grocery stores including- Walmart & Target.

So that's it.  One of the baby process I feel completely satisfied with. As a working Mom and a bit of a perfectionist I enjoy any process that has been streamlined.  Now, if you have any suggestions on how to get a baby to eat green foods (green beans and peas) please let me know!

//disclaimer- I received the Palmolive Fresh Infusions complimentary through Influenster, but the opinions are my own.