February 11, 2013

Little Word Update No.1

So for 2013 I chose "weight" as my one little word.  If you aren't sure what OLW is refer to this previous post.  I chose weight because my body and soul are feeling pushed down by pointless things. Rather, pointless things that I am in control of.  I have been keeping the word "weight" on my mind daily and I am already so pleased with the progress I am making. I had three specific ideas about weight when I chose the word.  Personal, faith and body.  Body is obvious.  I need to be in better shape and more than anything I am ready to lose the tummy.  Personal weight seems to fall into a couple of areas, but mostly excess like furniture, possessions and no sense stuff like holding onto old emails or saving "to dos" in a folder that I never go back to.  I have been ruthless and finally feel like I can move forward with my online life.  Lastly and perhaps most personal is my faith weight.  I am feeling very fulfilled with decision to return to church and I feel like it is exactly where I am supposed to be. I am looking forward to the continued peace I get from this decision.

For me progress is a very tricky thing because once I have some progress I tend to self sabotage and get myself right back to square one.  So these periodic updates will be positive but also honest. Who says a couple hundred readers and friends can't help to keep you on the right path?!

1.  Google email inbox at "0."

2. Cleaning out my art room to get back to basics.  I have been selling many things on a Facebook group for supplies. Facebook groups are awesome because there is one for everything it seems and they are a great way to target your audience.

1. Attended confession.
2. Regularly attending church.

1.  Eating clean- trying out Paleo.
2. Just started with eMeals in their blogger network and I have already downloaded my first week of meals.  They just added a Paleo option, but I most interested in the clean eating option.  Eggs have become my best friend! (eMeals review coming soon!)

So that's it, my OLW update No. and I have to say that so far I'm feeling lighter.  Surprising because my life has one speed right now and that is CRAZY.  How are you doing with your OLW? Are you being mindful of it? What are you challenges?

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