February 12, 2013

Hi, Nice to meet you

There is a blog that I read quite often called I just might explode. When I first started following Kara she was 16! What were you doing at 16? I know wasn't writing a blog, designing and taking photographs.  Needless to say she was the 16 year old I wish I was! She just put this blog feature up called, "Nice to meet you" and I thought it was a great idea.  A lot of times I stumble upon a new blog but I don't know the back story.  Sure, you can read all about my quirks here, but this is a little more organized! Just like Kara invited her readers to do this, I am inviting you.  If you decided to do a "Hi, Nice to meet you post," please leave me a link in the comments. PS. I love comments!

How’d you get to where you are?
Currently where I am is Charleston, SC.  I got here because one day when I was a wandering freshmen attending community college and working at a local record store (remember those!) I came to Charleston to visit my uncle on Spring Break.  While wandering around downtown with my friend Nikki we literally stumble onto the College of Charleston campus and I was smitten.  I quickly grab a brochure, called my Mom that night and said, " I found my school." Yes, CofC is a fantastic school, but the experience wasn't for me.  I really, really, really wanted to attend art school and I just wasn't focused enough for a traditional four year degree.  College was a struggle for me.  I was lucky enough to get a job as an Administrative Assistant (while I was in college) with the National Trust for Historic Preservation.  It was a fantastic job and I loved the mission.  As my time wore on there I tinkered with their information technology infrastructure and was noticed by the IT team at headquarters in Washington, DC.  After college they asked if I wanted to interview for a position there and I JUMPED at the chance! My other offer was at a local NPR radio station, but I followed money instead of passion.  I consider that move Life Lesson No. 2. - Always, always follow passion even if it only pays 18K. 
Fast forward several jobs (four) and meeting my husband I convinced him that I needed to get back here because I loved living here and so we found jobs and made our way back.  Life Lesson No.4- (I will get to 3 shortly) is this, living where you did in college, but as an adult is NOT the same.  I really missed my friends back home in DMV and have struggled to make decent ones here. Also something about going out to the bars and then having to be up at 5AM the next day doesn't make it seem like a priority!  Ahh adult life.

What’s your school thing like?
So get this...I went back to school in 2009.  I finally went to art school and obtained a degree in commercial graphic design.  I even graduated Magna Cum Laude.  So it turns out I am pretty smart, and not at all hyper when applying myself towards something I love.  I loved the experince and some day would love to get a MFA from SCAD.  Life Lesson No. 3- when its right, its right.
What’s the deal with your personal life? 
Happily married to one of my High School best friends, John and blessed with a baby bug named Eleanor who is almost One! We also have a bundle of energy in a yorkie-poo named Bella.  Our life is full and chaotic.

How do I pay the bills? 
I wish I could say I was a full- time designer, but I am STILL a full-time system engineer and while I am blessed with a job that pays the bills, and provides health insurance. It does not fufill my soul.  Here is where I suck at applying Life Lesson No.1- "Worry gives a small thing a big shadow." I need to let go of the fear holding me back and just leap (with proper savings and health coverage in place.)

Whatcha gonna do with your life?
 I hope to be the kind of Mom that I had- fun, playful, strong and honest. I want to find an inner peace that is obvious to those that meet me.  I want to find a way to make a full time living by being my most authentic and creative self.  I want to be a good friend, the kind that people think of in joyful or crisis times.  I want to always fill my thirst for learning and exploring and never let my soul grow old.

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  1. Hi Jeny!

    I love this "nice to meet you" post. Nice to meet you!

    I've been to Charleston so I can see why you wanted to live there. What an interesting, historical, and exciting town. Our memories of the visit are always overshadowed by the story of the time we got our motorhome jammed in a tight spot in the old-town area (not sure what you call it). THAT was a mess but we eventually backed out without doing any permanent damage.

    I love the shop banner on your etsy shop by the way!