April 23, 2013

Where I've been - Where I'm going (hint: no idea!)

When you have a small readership (hello crickets!) you have the luxury of time to research, journal and do more to find your blog voice. I have been blogging since early 2005 and in that time I have shared quite a bit about my art, going back to school, my engagement, wedding and now my love of product reviews.  The fact is I love art, crafting, make-up, music, product reviews, graphic design, homemaking and motherhood.  I want to share all those things, but I don't want to confuse my current and/or future readers.  I have always marched to my own drummer so I am struggling to find the balance of uniqueness and familiarity.  I have come to a decision that I think its more important for me to blog myself- and less important that I try to be something that I am not.  So here I am going to work to "create" authenticity. That means I won't like everything I review, my photos won't be perfect, and my online life will reflect my offline life.


So... like a billion other women worldwide I am working 40+ hours a week, taking care of my home, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning, taking care of my growing and silly little bug, nurturing my marriage, and my spiritual life.  That leaves exactly -15% for myself.  Here is where the authenticity comes in- how in the world are all the other blog women out here able to do it all?!? Seriously.  Is everyone living in a perfectly designed, easy to manage world?  I am living in a world where sometimes I drive through the guard gate at work and I'm actually surprised I'm there because I don't remember getting in my car and driving.  Real talk. Anyway, I recently read an article about blogging and it said if your gone for a couple of weeks you should address it.  So while I am not apologizing for my absence I am laying it all out- I'm living in my own mini tornado and I don't see my feet touching the ground for sometime. Not exactly earth shattering blog material, but there has to be someone else out there that blogs and doesn't have their shit together...anyone?

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  1. I always say that at any given moment I am one-tenth away from disaster. Like yesterday when I simultaneously lost my wallet and sunglasses, which lead me on a two hour wild goose chase only to find them in my car. All the while working and feeling helplessly out of control. It's life and I am never 100% but accepting that is half the battle!