May 1, 2013

Story of my life in 250 words

Welcome to "Blog Everyday in month of May!" Very excited to join Jenni in this challenge. You should join in also!

I was born late summer in Alexandria Virginia to my Mom (from maine) and Dad (from virginia.) Apparently I was precocious and talked early.  I didn't crawl just went from scooting to walking.  I wanted to be a teacher or solid gold dancer before entering school.  My sister was born! I didn't really love her then and asked my parents to return her, but man I love her now! I struggled in school.  I had to go see a visual doctor to learn how to tie my shoe, skip, bounce a ball and other things.  I loved learning and reading, but enjoyed it on my "own" terms (still do!) I used to create recipe cards in my room with colored pencils and fell right in love with art.  Middle school was painful- but it's an awkward time for everyone.  I found my stride with yearbook and my love for design and journalism was born. Off to high school. Creative writing and journalism dominated my time.  I loved dance and singing (secretly wanted to sing on Broadway- still do!) but couldn't seem to get a break into high school dancing or singing.  So I stuck with journalism and eventually became editor-in-cheif of my award winning high school paper.

This is me & john in high school!
I liked highschool, but was ready to leave.  I didn't apply for college, because I didn't know what I wanted to do or be so I stayed at home- worked at a local record store (so freaking awesome) and went to community college.  I did really well in community college and focused a good bit of my time on my English class and designing store displays.  Really wanted to go to art school, but stuck with a liberal arts school and transfered to College of Charleston- didn't love it.  I found a really good job as a help desk support specialist and moved back to Washington, DC. I dated, broke-up, dated, got promoted, dated, made a sorta bad decision to get married, moved to a new job, traveled around the world, lost my Dad to alcoholism, got promoted to IT Manager with a global organization, got divorced and traveled some more. Then I reconnected with my now husband a high school friend and moved to Richmond, VA to be with him (I also got a really good job there.) After awhile, I wanted to move back to Charleston so we did in 2008.  We bought a house- I FINALLY went to art school while working full time as a Senior System Engineer (still am.) I graduated cum laude- got married, had a baby E and I am.

engagement picture

First family photo

OK! So I bet that was more than 250 words, but it was a good exercise to try and tell my life story with limited space. If you join in the challenge please let me know!


  1. This was totally a hard challenge to do in such a short space. Great getting to know you too! Thanks for coming by my blog and I am not following you also on Bloglovin.

    I wanted to be a rockette as a kid. LOL Solid Gold was also pretty cool back then. Gosh, the memories. Too many to write down.

  2. Visiting from the Story of My Life link up! Middle School was awful, I totally agree! That's so great that you went back to school to study what you really wanted. I actually graduated with an art degree myself!