May 4, 2011

Five Goals for May

At the beginning of every month I make a new set of goals. I didn't share last months,  but I am going to share May's.  I feel that putting my goals out there in blogger land helps keep me accountable. Do you agree?  Now that this semester of school (thank goodenss) I now have under 30 days to get my digital life back in order.  I feel like sometimes it overtakes me. I literally have 200+ starred items in my Google reader, images to add to my pintrest, random files on my laptop that need storing and images that need editing.  Isn't technology suppose to help us and free up our time? My goals this month are really just about recovering, refiling and re-prioritizing what I want to look at.

Part of this process started last month with general email maintenance.  During the month of April I made it a point to "unsubscribe" from at least one email junk mail a day.  It has helped get me down from over 50 emails a day to around 20.  I wanted to share the email/ companies I get the most use out of and the ones that don't SPAM you everyday (I am looking at you Bath and Bodyworks.) Hopefully you find this list a little helpful.

1. OneKingsLane | They send an email out everyday around 11AM EST with AMAZING deals.  You have to be super quick.  If there is something that you want, I suggest logging in before 11.  On the weekend they send out great culinary deals. * If you sign up using the link above I get a credit, then you can encourage your friends to sign-up too.  This isn't why I am listing them though...I actually shop here!

2. SniqueAway | This is the truth, I LOVE to read trip advisor + I love to plan trips to places I really hope to visit one day.  This is the BEST of both worlds.  The resorts and trips they choose are to some pretty incredible destinations and the hotels are usually 5 star.  The deals are beyond amazing.  They email you about every other day and the deals only last for a few days.  It's a very convenient website as all the information you need is right in the same browser.  Tripadvisor reviews too! 

Shem Creek. Mt. Pleasant, SC

3. LivingSocialEscapes | This is the best of living social and it offers the same great living social deals on short weekend escapes to locations within driving distance (or beyond.)  We are taking a Living Social escape at the end of this month.  These mini escapes usually include dinner, activities, wine and more.  It's a great deal if you are looking to explore new areas. These emails usually only come out once a week. 

4. Dinner Tonight from Everyday Foods | Martha's emails can be overwhelming, but this is one that I look forward to everday. I would say that at least once a week this email directly inspires my dinners. The recipes are easy to follow.  Here's a hint. Read the comments under the recipes.  I often find a substitute that saves money + calories. These emails come out every afternoon.

5. WholeLivingChallenge | Another Martha specialty, but this is from whole living magazine.  I find the magazine a little dry, but this challenge has been great.  They send out a daily email with a tip that is easy to implement in your day.  It's not to late to sign-up. These emails arrive in the morning.

6.  The Daily Muse-Skirt Magazine | It is my life long dream to work for this magazine OR have something published in the monthly publication.  They started here in Charleston, but you can find Skirt (free) in many cities on the East Coast.  They are always on the cutting edge of trendy/cool.  So for me it feels awesome when the daily muse arrives in my inbox and its something that I have already discovered! This is a daily morning email that is worth a look. 

PS. These companies do not know who I am (read: really sad about that Skirt Magazine) and did not ask me to review them.  These are my own words.


  1. So glad I found your blog today - you have unique design and angle, like it alot..Have a great day, darlin!

  2. oh my gosh i LOVE skirt! such great writing and creativity. go women!
    and i love dinner tonight! (it's looking like we have the same inbox practically! haha.)

  3. Cute blog! Love your goals...reminds me I need to clean up my gmail.